Our History

The MARKER States:  800 Indians and 500 Texicans battled here. What is not stated is out of the 800 Indians, 400 to 500 were women, children and elders.

Texican regular and Texas Rangers were a fully armed unit. The Indians had only 16-24 rifles and pistols.

When Mirabeau B. Lamar became President of the Republic of Texas, he wanted the Indian people out. Just as he had done in Georgia years before then turning over the Indian land to whites. Refusing to honor Sam Houston's agreement with the Indians. Lamar sent word to the Chiefs and Leaders, their people would have to leave Texas or be killed.

Duwali, Gatunwali, Big Mush and other Chiefs / Leaders asked for time to gather their crops. Then go in peace, but Lamar would not wait.

Lamar orders the Secretary of War, Albert Sydney Johnson and General Thomas J. Rusk to run them out of Texas. 

Some say he stated:


Long avoiding confrontation with the Texican forces, Chief Bowles ultimately respected the wishes of his people to fight to the end against their removal from East Texas.


We Are the Keepers of the Land!

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