American Indian Cultural Society.

American Indian Cultural Society is honored to have assumed the personal responsibility of preserving and maintaing this sacred land since 1998.  In doing so, it has been our intention since day one to preserve the land as a memorial and sanctuary for ALL who wish to honor and respect the ancient culture, traditons, and customs of all Native American people.

We strive to be a supporter of our community. This includes supporting other Native American endeavors, elders, the sick, and the youth (past, present, and future.)  We believe in cultural presevation.  Through toy drives, back-to-school drives, and particpation in community functions, we hope to provide a lasting impact on our Native people.

In 2018, we have pledged our support to local organizations.  Specifically, to lend our voices, time, and resources to further our Native people at powwows, spirtually community, and outreach programs.  

Your voice matters, too!  Please join us on our mission to not only preserve our Annual Battle of the Neches memorial grounds, but also support our Native brothers and sisters as we feel the only way to make an impact is to get invovled.

MISSION STATEMENT: To carry our tradiitons honorably, while educating and supporting our Native American communities.

We Are the Keepers of the Land!

Land Address:

2986 V.Z. 4923

Ben Wheeler, TX